Monday, July 21, 2008

Batman 2!

Soooo we had a ward party this Saturday night and it was in celebration of the new Batman movie that had just come out. We had food and watched Batman Begins with a projector on a sheet outside (but I didn't stay for that part), annnddd we had a little costume contest. So I wasn't even planning on going but then Annie made me and made me dress up too! I just wore all black with a yellow scarf, so I didn't really look like batman but I had the right colors on! It turns out that NO ONE else in the ward even dressed up!! So it was a little bit embarrassing, but totally worth it because Annie and I won tickets to see the Dark Knight on Saturday!! It was really fun. I'm glad Annie made me go! She's

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 5th- shooting!

Here are some of the many pictures from our day out shooting! I was soo scared to begin with especially with the pistols that kicked a lot! I got a hot shell down my shirt! but it wasn't too bad! I shot more guns than I actually had pictures of.. but these were the best! I actually liked it a lot! It was so fun! I want to go again!

Loading magazines with bullets. Its harder than it looks! Chris had to finish every one of them for me!

Bro. Rackley shooting the big gun!

Me and the AK-47! That one really hurt! It kicked a lot!

That was the biggest one I shot! (meaning shoots the biggest bullets)

Chris teaching us (ok just me!) gun safety before started.

Our cool little shade structure we had for protection even though I still got a little burnt!

Chris teaching me about this pistol. It was my favorite! I got pretty good at it too!

Another big gun! My arms were soo tired by the end!

This was my favorite big gun! It only shot .22's so it hardly even kicked back!

El Morro- 4th of July!

On Friday we went to El Morro national monument with his family. It was about an hour and a half out of Albuquerque. It was a place where there was a good source of water so many "famous" people passed by, and etched their name in the rocks nearby. It was pretty cool. Some people put a lot of effort into making it look good and some people had some letters backwards. There were also inscriptions in Spanish and English. It was pretty cool, but I just liked the pretty mountain and scenery. There were also some ruins at the top of the mountain that were pretty cool. That night we had did fireworks! It was so fun! Chris and his brother lined up the little home fireworks with fuse in between each one. That way he didn't have to get up in between each one and light a new one. Unfortunately the fuse was a little short between each one, so we had several going off at once, but it made it that much more exciting! haha! It was great. ANNDD we had homemade ice cream at the same time too. It was so fun!

My Trip!

I finally got pictures from my trip! On Thursday we went to the aquarium! To the right is a picture of us on the train in between the Aquarium and the Zoo. It was so fun! We didn't actually go to the zoo, but we rode the train because it was fun! It also runs through the botanical gardens there so it was really pretty too! It was really fun! After the Aquarium we went to Old Town, which was like down town Albuquerque. It was really pretty. Definitely a strong Mexican influence here are some pictures.

That evening we went up a tram in the mountains. I'm pretty sure its the longest one in the world! It travels 2 miles up the mountain in about 15 minutes. There was a beautiful view of all of Albuquerque from the top. It was so different from NC because there were no trees to block anything! And it was on the 3rd of July so there were some fireworks too! It was great.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm back!! I had a wonderful time in Albuquerque! It was like one big long date! We went lots of places and did lots of things, it was so fun! Because my camera is working right I only took a few pictures and I forgot to get the pictures from his Mom so he's gonna send me a CD in the mail soon. I'll post pics and more details when I get the pics!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Mexico!

I'm leaving today! I'm so excited! My camera is not working, but I will make sure Chris takes lots of pictures and I'll post them when I get back! That will be Monday morning. I can't wait!