Sunday, March 8, 2009

Draper and Salt Lake Temple!

So Several weekends ago Annie, Josh, Kelly, Kevin and his friend Karen (that we did not previously know) went to the Draper Temple Open house! It was so beautiful! I loved being able to walk through the temple, especially to see the Celestial Room and the Sealing rooms. They were my favorite parts. (It was actually my second time going to see it!) And then after the Open house we went to the Salt Lake Temple and the boys did a session while us girls did baptisms for the dead. It was an incredible experience. It was so neat to actually see the inside of the temple and think of how many people and years it has seen since it was dedicated. They do a very good job of protecting it and keeping it beautiful. I love the temple!
After we finished in the temple we saw the Joseph Smith video in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It too, was amazing. Definitely a tear jerker... all of us girls were balling! I recommend it to everyone. It is an overview of Brother Joseph's life.
These are just a few of the many, many pictures we took on our trip. It was an incredible Saturday!


Here is the four of us for this semester! We got a new roommate, Anna, and she's awesome! She has been a really good influence on me (not that any of the old ones haven't been...) and she's way fun to be around! She just got back from a study abroad in Austria! She is so cool! The four of us get along pretty well most of the time!