Friday, January 18, 2008

job hunting!

So I sent out a few job inquiries online for Secretary/receptionist kind of jobs and one responded yesterday and we scheduled an interview for today at 9:30. I think it went well. I think it will be a great job, i dunno how much it pays yet tho....She'll call me on Tuesday. I went home from that interview and checked my email and someone else replied! I called her back immediately and went to her office 20 minutes later! I think if I get it, I will take the first job over the second one I interviewed for. I can have a lot more hours in the first one, and its in the Harmon Building (for those of you who know where that is.. haha) which is very close to my apartment. I'm soo excited! well i'm going to go do all my homework now so I don't have any to do over this 3 day weekend! Love you all!