Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blakely's Sweet 16!

Soo funny story! We decided to go Disco Skating last Friday night and when we got there it was actually rented out for a Sweet Sixteen. We like walked in and the birthday girl came up to us and said "Do I know you?". We were like No actually... and then her Mom came up too and said we were welcome to stay... so we did! haha... it was kinda weird with everyone so much younger than us! But what was even more weird was that when we were talking to some of the people there we found out they were being paid to liven up the party! How bizarre! I'm glad I never had to do that for one of my birthday parties! It was soo much fun. And it only cost a dollar to rent the skates! Don't you love our crazy outfits! Thank Goodness for DI!

Birthday Party!

YAY! 19 years old! almost not a teenager anymore! We had such a fun party on the Friday before my birthday. It was awesome! This was the cute jacket that my roommates bought for me. I love it! I have the best roommates ever!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Football Season!

So I went to my first football game of the season this past Saturday! We killed Wyoming 44 to 0!! after our last home game again UCLA which we stomped them 59 to 0!! Its so much more fun to watch when we win! haha... it was way fun tho... I got sunburned and rained on at the same time! bizarre.. this is a pic we took on my phone from the game. Not the most flattering.. haha... In the middle is my roommate Marissa and her old roommate Kelly. They are crazy!
I will put pics from my birthday and bday party up as soon as I can!