Sunday, December 9, 2007

We went to the temple today to take pictures with some of my best friends! It was really pretty with all of the snow! These are the girls that I hang out with the most! On the bottom pic from left to right it goes, Kirstie (Annies roommate), Me!, Marissa (from summer), Annie (my twin!), and Dannielle (also from summer!). We have soo much fun together!


So for Halloween we decided to go all out! haha and Christina sent me enough fake eyelashes for all of my roommates. Not all wanted to wear them so some of my other friends did, but it was soo fun! You can kinda see them in the first picture. I was a bat and Susan (in the first and 2nd pic) borrowed my witch hat to be a witch! Kim (in the bottom pic) just wore her ugly sweater with matching hideous barette and ear rings. haha. This is me trying to put the eyelashes on her. You can see the silver in my hair!

Blood Drive

Soo I donated blood one day and they messed up putting the needle in! It hurt so bad! but I saved 3 lives! It left a nice bruise, but most of what you can see here is the iodine still on my arm... haha so it looks a lot worse than it actually is.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! so heres some pics to help me catch up...
So to start with, here was my first snow in Provo! it was October 19th and it has snowed much harder 2 or 3 times now... it might even be snowing right now...! that snow fall was wimpy and nothing stuck. But i had my first real snowball fight last weekend when it snowed hard! (Dec 1st) It all started when 3 of my fav guy friends (in my fhe group) woke us up by throwing snowballs at out window! granted it was 1230, but i was still sleeping! so I got up and they left and I went to lunch with Annie (my twin!) and then she came back to my apartment. On our way I helped her make her first snow angel! (she's from Cali and never seen so much snow... kinda like me!) and then we took snowballs and attacked the same guys that threw snowballs at my window! (even tho it wasn't annie who they woke up too... she was the only one who wanted to help!) but we went inside their apartment and got them on the couch! so they suited up and we had a crazy fun snowball fight! It was me and Annie against Steven (who is from Alaska) and Mark (from So. Cal.). I got a bruise, but it was totally worth it! it was soo fun!