Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Roommates!

These are my current roommates and best friends! Its so great to live with people that actually like me! (besides family of course!.. well most of the time!) We all met last summer in Helaman Halls. Annie and I hit if off immediately but I wasn't very close to Marissa or Dannielle until we kept hanging out together in the Fall and Winter. But I'm so glad I did! We have our little problems but over all everything is great! I love it!

Sooo not the best picture of us, but heres Annie! She the one I share a bedroom with. She is soo insane! But in a good way of course. She was my Relief Society President Summer '07 and we've been best friends ever since! Annie is from Fairfield, California. (The same place Mom was born I believe! Well the Air force base there at least.) She is the youngest of... a lot of kids! All of her older siblings have served missions (one is in Barcelona right now!) including her sister. I don't think Annie will make it until 21 without getting married though! She is so boy crazy! But at the same time I know I can always talk to her about my problems and she will be there for me. She has been a great friend to me this past year and will be for many years to come! A lot of people in our ward think we are twins! I think I'm almost getting used to being called Annie! haha...

This is Dannielle. She is a lot more quiet than most of us but she is still fun to be around. She is from Qatar. Her Dad works for Exxon so they have travelled around a lot. She has lived in Southern California and Texas and I think Idaho too. Her family is currently living in Qatar so whenever asked thats what she claims.

This is Marissa. She is SO much fun! She is crazy, but she has a way thoughtful side to her too. She and I can relate the most sometimes. She is currently working at Down East Outfitters, a cute clothing store not too far from here. She was born in Texas and lived many places but whenever asked she claims Singapore. Partly because its way cooler to say Singapore than Texas or Indiana! and also because it is where she has lived the longest. Her father works for Exxon too, thats the reason for the travel. I love Marissa!

Back in Provo!

Yay! I had a wonderful trip all around the world but it was good to be back at "home". These are my roommates (plus one!) From left to right its Me, Annie, Marissa and Amanda. In the front is Dannielle. Amanda is the one that is not really my roommate but she it over practically all the time! She used to sleep over almost every night, but she just moved to an apartment complex just across the street from us. I don't know her as well as the other girls but she's super sweet and fun!


So I was going to upload my pictures from my trip to Menolly's but my camera will not sync with the computer any more... Oddly enough it hasn't worked since I let Christina mess with it! haha But I don't think its her fault... I'll figure something out...