Saturday, October 13, 2007

Conference Weekend!

hmm... lets seee... I need to update.... so I took some midterms and such... I did alright, wish I had done better, but that always seems to happen... so for conference weekend we went to this place called Studio 600. Its in SLC, and it was just like a huge dance. It was soo fun! We had a big group going too so that made it even more fun! A lot of them were my fhe brothers and then roommates and girlfriends from this summer. It was great. It was a special event kinda deal because of conference weekend... it was the conference dance! haha it was so funny! Only in Utah! (we use that phrase a lot!). The biggest downfall was that one of my fhe brothers lost his phone (a blackberry kinda phone, but not a blackberry, very similar). He was very upset. but the next day he and some roommates looked on the internet the last calls from it and called them and eventually got it back. They drove back to Salt Lake and the guy who had it gave it back! Only in Utah!! haha. he said he thought it was his brothers or something so he picked it up off the floor. soo after the dance we stopped in Sandy on the way home to drop off Kim at home, and then we went to Ihop. We go there all the time, but always late at night! its open 24hours! Annnd we got home... late. haha.

So then I missed the first session on saturday but saw almost all of the second. Then... my roommate and I went to the mall. (Susan, from Texas) and I got a really warm reallly cute green winter coat for only $35! We had to stake out for it though because they were selling so fast that people were putting them on hold til closing so I came back for it 10 minutes before they were to close and asked the manager if I could buy it and she sold it to me! I wear it all the time! I love it! I'll put up a picture soon. so then we got home and we (susan and I) were just planing on watching movies but then we got invited to go disco roller skating! (Only in Utah! haha) It was soo fun! it was basically just roller skating but in funny clothes with disco music playing. Afterwards we ate at Wendy's and then went to the dollar theater (I was actually kinda kidnapped into going!) and saw Evan Almighty. It was cute. I was sooo tired I almost fell asleep on this guys shoulder! It was cute... and actually we're dating now. As of last night! He's great. But don't worry mom! he's a premie! haha...

so then sunday... watched conference with my fhe husband.... annnd went to tunnel singing. it was fun.

so far this weekend I went to the Heritage Halls dance for a few minutes and then we went to my friend Kirsties house (she's from provo. or orem?... same thing basically) and watched Brigham City. It was really good. Kinda scary and really intense but I liked it. And today I don't have any plans yet... but i'm sure we'll do something cheap and fun tonight!

love you all!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Am Htg meets MC Hammer

ok soooo.... totally embarassing story. haha but its worth it to tell. So today in American Heritage my teacher was trying to teach us about law of supply and demand or something. and so he asked us "Who would dance in front of the class for $100 (majority raise their hands) and what about $50? (less people raise their hands)" and he keeps going down until he hits 10 cents to dance in front of the class because he narrowed it down to 5 people like he wanted. One of which was me. two others were my roommates (kim and susan) and then another girl in my ward (its freshman academy so my whole building is in my class) and another guy I don't even know. So he says "Come on Down!" so the 5 of us proceed to run (we were excited, nothing like this ever happens in classes) down to the front of the classroom and put on parachute pants and dance like mc hammer!! annndd it was a competition! so we each had to dance individually in front of our lecture class of about 200 where we know the majority. IT WAS SO EMBARASSING!!!! but soo fun! haha. then we actually got a dollar for doing it too. Needless to say I did not win, but it was definetly worth it! Now everyone really laughs at me! just like I told you mom! There is definetly a video of it, I will post it as soon as I get a copy!

I miss all you guys!

PS i thought i posted this before but it just saved it to a draft so all this occurred on Oct. 3rd